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  • Phyllis is very compassionate and excels in developing solutions regarding health issues. It is apparent that she takes pride in getting to know her client so that she can affectively treat their physical and emotional needs. It is very reassuring how she utilizes her in-depth knowledge to combine holistic alternatives with conventional medicine.
    Wendy Wisniewsky Kerhonkson, NY
  • Phyllis Young is one of the most caring physicians that I know. She will take the time to really analyze your situation and find the appropriate solution for your circumstances. She is using approaches that not just eliminate symptoms but to determine the root causes of your problem. I strongly recommend her! Thank You,
    Anthony BarreseNew Paltz, NY
  • Phyllis is caring, compassionate and understanding. She goes above and beyond to answer your questions and give you peace of mind. I Highly recommend her to all my friends and family! 
    Christina Pominville New Paltz NY.
  • After seeing Phyllis I have learned that my body is a product of what I put into it. Over the years I have suffered with many different chronic illnesses. I found myself being put on more and more medications and still wasn't getting well. Since working with Phyllis I've been able to gradually sort through all my problems and steadily improve as I tackle them one by one. Phyllis is patient, compassionate and is gifted at finding solutions specifically tailored for the individual she is working with. I can't imagine where I would be without her.
    Gail SuleimanWingdale, NY